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About Me

Hi, my name is Carmen Jenner and I have over 15 years of professional writing experience ranging from feature articles, copywriting, publishing, social media posts, web-site copy to communications.

I’m a storyteller at heart and writing is my passion and I love nothing more than bringing stories to fruition across the most appropriate platforms.

"I make every word count in the most engaging, entertaining and informative way possible."

I started out my writing career as a travel writer, a genre that I still love. I soon realised that the essence of travel writing is really about creating a dream and selling a lifestyle that others want to experience, even if it is from their iPad. I could go on all day about the perks of travel writing but I have discovered those skills are transferable to almost any industry and all kinds of writing.

Having a naturally curious mind I thoroughly enjoy delving into many different businesses and industries. For example, I love real estate and renovating so going to home opens is a guilty pleasure I indulge in for inspiration. After many houses and projects later, it finally occurred to me that writing for the real estate industry would be a great fit and I now write for several real estate agents.

With an ability to immerse myself in many topics I take an adaptable approach to every client and I love seeking out the intricacies of each brand.

As well as having a degree in Creative Writing, I’m also a qualified librarian, skills which have come in handy as a professional writer since being organised is essential, especially when juggling multiple projects.

I’m based in Perth in Western Australia but thanks to the magic of technology we can also meet over Skype, phone, Facetime, email, messenger, WhatsApp…name your preference.

The Process

We write, so you can focus.

Focus Write has a winning storytelling process that engages with your customers and helps your business grow.

Consider me your Chief Content Officer as we work together executing your Focused Communications Plan.

As the sole owner/operator of Focus Write, I have the support from a team of designers, printers, proofreaders and distributors, however, you will always deal directly with me according to your schedule.

In exchange for your commitment, I hand over the rights to the intellectual property. In other words, you own your own copy without any additional cost.

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Image by "My Life Through A Lens"

Step 1:

Schedule an appointment

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Step 2:

Engage Focus Write to create a Focused Communications Plan

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Step 3:

Execute the plan

Image by Chase Clark

Your first consult is free to determine your writing needs and to see if we’d like to work together.

From there I will create a brief and we will develop a plan and a budget.

"Words are a lense to focus one's mind."

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