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Connecting through content

For so many of us the year has got off to a busy start but how many of us can confirm they already have a Content Marketing Plan in place. I’m not talking about a short-term social media campaign or sporadic emails but a long-term strategy to engage, convert and nurture your clients.

“Traditional marketing and advertising is TELLING the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is SHOWING the world you are one.” – Joe Pulizzi, Epic Content Marketing

Developing and implementing an editorial calendar is a proven method of communicating with your audience and maps content production, the most appropriate platform, schedule dates, workflow steps and outcomes.

But why is content creation so important?

Think of it this way, say you’re looking for a specific service or maybe you’re looking for a new washing machine. Or you can’t remember the name of the latest restaurant that has opened in your neighbourhood. Where do you go to find out information like this?

As a business and without spending large sums of money on a PR agency or traditional advertising, how will your brand cut through all the clutter and make an impact when people are searching for the services and products you’re offering?

Regularly updating your content is not only an economical way of connecting but it helps to build your audience through storytelling. By creating helpful, engaging and valuable stories your readers will soon become loyal followers.

And let’s not forget that the first time you connect with a potential client, chances are they aren’t ready to invest with you. They probably won’t be ready the second, third or fourth times either, but when they are ready they will already know about you if you stay front-of-mind through regular communication.

You might find this blog post titled Where do I start when creating content helpful. If you need any help, I’m offering a FREE 30 minute consultation where I give you the opportunity to pick my brains about your content.

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I look forward to following your success in the year ahead.

Happy writing!

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