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Anyone can write, right?

Of course they can, and many people can even write well. But a professional copywriter has the skills to craft words with a succinct message to your clients and audience.

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider hiring a copywriter:

Time Effective

You might be the most amazing writer in the world, but as a business owner your resources are usually directed elsewhere. Do you really want to be creating content late into the night? Even if you do prefer to do your own writing, a good copywriter will be able to provide a content plan which will save you an abundance of time trying to come up with new concepts. By outsourcing you can not only use the time to focus on running your business, but know your message is being optimised by a professional.


Having spelling and grammatical errors throughout your company collateral looks unprofessional and suggests that perhaps there are mistakes in other areas of your business too. Here’s a trade secret, even professional writers use proof-readers, so why wouldn’t you seek out some help too? Copywriters have tried and tested processes which comes down to highly developed writing skills, planning, effective communication and dedicated resources.


A fresh set of eyes on your business will invigorate your copy and provide ideas you probably haven’t even thought of. Don’t forget, copywriters are also consumers and will be able to turn the things they’re looking for in a product or a service into content that aligns with your clients.


Writing is a tough gig often with long hours and challenging deadlines in a fickle industry. My motto has always been to diversify, or die. And as a result many writers develop a broad skill set that can include anything from editorial for magazines, to writing for websites and blogs, creating content for brochures, writing books, editing, social media posts and EDMs (Electronic Direct Marketing).


Let’s face it, running a successful business comes down to the bottom line. Effective copy will raise brand awareness, help you communicate with your target market to generate leads across many publishing platforms, which ultimately turn into sales.

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